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Vietnamese Salad

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by Nathalie
Step by step recipe - 15 Min
April 2, 2018

Travel far…

Five years ago I travelled to Vietnam and it has been such an unforgettable trip that I’m still thinking about it today. While Nathalie’s Cuisine didn’t exist back then, I was always interested in food and had a big appetite. I wanted to try all kinds of local foods and was fascinated by the culture in different combinations. While today, I can’t integrate all parts of the Vietnamese culture due to my intolerances I still get inspired by it. Lately I was thinking about that trip I went on and decided to create a salad that reminds me of it.

In Vietnam, there is no wheat pasta. All the dishes such as Phoe (a Vietnamese soup) and salads are made with rice pasta. Also, fresh coriander, sesame oil and chili is very typical. Therefore, I build my own version of a light Vietnamese salad, which is so fresh and delicious. A great dish, ready in 10 minutes!

Would love to see your creations, so don’t forget to use #nathaliescuisine and tag me @nathaliescuisine and I will repost your creations.






Serves 3
Cooks in 15 Minutes
Difficulty Easy


150 g thai rice spaghetti
1 cucumber
10 radishes
1 handful coriander, fresh and chopped
1 handful snow peas, cut in slices
3 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp lemon juice (optional)
dash of chili (optional)
to taste salt


Cook the spaghetti as instructed on the package. In the meantime, cut the cucumber julienne and the radish and snow peas in fine slices and place in a bowl. Add coriander a pinch of chili, drizzle sesame oil on top and mix with the rice spaghetti. Salt to taste.


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