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Vegan Sushi

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by Nathalie
Step by step recipe - 30 Min
December 4, 2017


I used to love sushi but I always got really bad migraines from the rice vinegar. Even though, by now I can eat sushi sometimes, I still feel so much better, sticking to my histaminefree diet so I was determined to find a delicious solution in order to enjoy a vegan, histamine- and glutenfree sushi. This recipe is great for people like me, with histamineintolerance but also those that want to try something new. First, I needed a glutenfree grain, which is sticky enough on its own. Millet is perfect for this!

I love this combination of Mango, kale and cucumber but there are of course a million ways to fill your vegan sushi roll and you can adapt it to your own taste and be creative! If you want to try my combination just make sure, the mango is not too soft, otherwise your vegan sushi will be mushy. Since soy sauce is not an option for me, you can eat it plain, which I love or make my delicious basil pesto to dip the vegan sushi in it.

This recipe is perfect to take with you for a work lunch since it’s super easy to eat and doesn’t make a mess on your desk;)

Always love to read your comments and feedback! Please don’t forget to share any thoughts with me in the comment section below!






Serves 2
Cooks in 30 Minutes
Difficulty Easy


150 g millet
1/2 tsp salt
6 algae sheets/rice paper sheets
1/2 Mango
1 cucumber
bundle of Kale


Place the millet in a pot and boil water in a kettle. Add 450 ml of hot water to the millet in the pot and cook with a lid until all the water is absorbed. Once the water starts cooking, add the salt. Once the millet is cooked let it cool off in the pot.

In the meantime, cut the veggies and the Mango into fine stripes. Place an algae on the bamboo mat with the smooth side faced down and distribute millet on top, about 1 cm thick. Leave about 1 cm free from the upper border. Now it's time to place all the veggies and Mango into the roll. Distribute them in the center and use the bamboo mat to strongly roll the vegan sushi. Wet the ends a bit to close the role properly. Use a sharp knife and cut the roll into 6 Maki pieces. In case you are using rice paper, place the rice paper on a cutting board, dab some water on it until the rice paper is soft. From no on it's the same procedure like with the algea sheet, but use your hands to roll into a hand roll instead of with the bamboo or cut it into Makis as well.


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