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Coconut Popsicles

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by Nathalie
Step by step recipe - 5 Min
May 28, 2018

Summer Vibes!

My latest obsession on hot days is to cool off with one of my coconut popsicles. You only need four ingredients and just within minutes you have some refreshing sugar free and healthy popsicles ready! You can actually decide yourself how sweet you like it. If you have a sweet tooth you can also add some more honey into it or use a different sweetener such as agave all together. I find this also such a great treat for kids. No need to worry how much they eat of them since there is no refined sugar but only natural ingredients inside. Also it’s a super fun activities to create the popsicles with the kids together and be creative and invent new combination.

I can’t wait to see all you coconut popsicles so make sure to tag me with @nathaliescuisine and use #nathaliescuisine!

Enjoy the sun and stay cool;)




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Serves 12 popsicles
Cooks in 5 Minutes
Difficulty Easy


200 ml coconut water
2 tbsp honey/agave
1/2 juice from a lemon
Fruit versions:
Cucumber Mint
Blueberry Peach


Place the coconut water, honey and lemon juice into a blender and mix well. Pour into popsicles molds. Cut the fruits into fine slices, combine as you wish and add to the mold. Freeze for at least 4 hours.


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