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My Story

Hello, I’m Nathalie…

Welcome to Nathalie’s Cuisine! I’m so excited that you are here. Nathalie’s Cuisine is based on my very personal story that I want to share with you. In addition to my story your can find lots of recipes, tips, videos and information. With my website and brand, I’m trying to bring healthy food to everybody (even those that insist that they can’t cook or don’t have time for it) by making it tasty and easy to implement even on a busy schedule. In addition, I want to shine some light on to food intolerances and help and show those that are affected it doesn’t have to limit you in any way, quite the opposite, it can open a whole new world of different flavors.

My life was going smoothly and according to plan: I grew up in Munich, went to school in England and moved to Israel to study at a University where I did my Bachelor in Business and Marketing. I enjoyed my life as a student until right after my degree when I suddenly started to feel worse and worse. I suffered from dizziness, stomach cramps, palpitations, digestive problems and nausea, sleeping problems, loss of energy … It got so bad that I didn’t even leave my house anymore. I went to see several doctor, who all send me home with a misdiagnosis of a stomach virus. Only months later, I found a doctor, who tested me for food intolerances and I finally received the diagnosis. The results were histamineintolerance, lactoseintolerance and gluten sensitivity.  While I was relieved to have finally found out what was going on with me, my world was imploding. I did not understand what to eat and how to choose the right foods. From that moment onwards, food was not a given anymore but rather a complex challenge with lots of unanswered questions.


In such moments, life still continues. I started to work in an international PR agency in Tel Aviv and quickly realised that I have to completely reorganise my life in order to feel better. I was out all day and had to figure out how to be able to eat healthy on a tight and busy schedule.

I changed my mindset and focused only on the positive. Instead on looking at the list of foods I can’t eat anymore (which is long) I started to put all my attention on the list of foods I can eat. As soon as I changed my eating habits I started to feel better. Already after 24h I felt better than in months and within a week I felt better than ever! 

I started to cook and bake for myself and was surprised how much fun it was. I quickly realised that I didn’t only feel amazing but that I was also eating a much larger variety of foods and so much healthier, despite my intolerances.

My Hobby turned into my Passion

I was accepted for a Master Program which I even rejected in order to help others with my story and experiences. For me it’s so important to use my time on earth to do something meaningful and give back to society.

I hope that Nathalie’s Cuisine inspires you to try something new and helps you understand that intolerances are not a limitation but rather and opportunity to see the world from a new perspective.





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