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by Nathalie
Step by step recipe - 20 Min
August 8, 2019

Ways to my heart

1. Buy me Raw Caramel Brownies

2. Make me Raw Caramel Brownies

3. Be Raw Caramel Brownies

I’m honestly obsessing over these Raw Caramel Brownies lately. The most popular recipes on my Nathalie’s Cuisine website are all those heavenly raw bars and I totally understand why. They are my favourite recipes, too! I snack on them, they are my dessert and I don’t share them haha. If you love my Raw Caramel Slices, you have to try these Raw Caramel Brownies. You are going to thank me later!

If you have a histamine intolerance, I don’t recommend you to ear chocolate, especially if you are just at the beginning of your journey. My suggestion is therefore, go for the amazing Raw Caramel Slices and switch the dark chocolate to white vegan chocolate and you can enjoy them just as much without any side effects:)



Serves 9-12
Cooks in 20 Minutes
Difficulty Easy


Brownie Base:
150 g Medjool dates, pitted
70 g flaxseeds, grounded
30 g cocoa powder
Pinch of vanilla
35 g almond flour/tigernut flour
Pinch of salt
Caramel Layer:
170 g Medjool dates, pitted
40 ml water
1,5 tbsp almond butter/peanut butter
Chocolate Topping:
100 g dark chocolate (mind. 70% cacao)
2 tsp coconut oil


Line a small casserole dish with baking paper and set aside. Place all the ingredients for the Brownie base into a mixer and blend until sticky. Scratch the mixture out of the mixer into the lined casserole dish and press into the dish.

Wash out the mixer and place all the ingredients for the caramel layer in it. Pulse until creamy. Distribute the caramel on the brownie base.

Break the chocolate into bite size parts and place them into a heat resistant bowl. Add the coconut oil. Heat a small pot with some water and place a glass bowl with the chocolate inside to create a makeshift double boiler. Allow the chocolate to melt in the bowl, stirring occasionally, until it is completely melted. Pour the chocolate on the caramel and distribute evenly. Freeze for at least 3 hours before cutting into bars. Serve with a drizzle of peanut butter.


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