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My Story

Hello, I’m Nathalie…

Welcome to Nathalie’s Cuisine! I am so excited to share my story with you and I hope this website will inspire your clean eating and healthy lifestyle!

I’m originally from Munich but left with 16 years old to England, for search for a new challenge, and finished high school at boarding school. Afterwards I moved to Tel Aviv to complete my Bachelor in Business Marketing and worked full time in an international PR Agency another year.

I always enjoyed a healthy lifestyle but stood in front of a new challenge when I was diagnosed with a histamine- and lactose intolerance in January 2014.   I was suffering for many months until my doctor found out what the reason for all these symptoms was. It really felt like the allergy came over night.  I suffered from dizziness, stomach cramps, palpitations, digestive problems and nausea. My allergy reached its peak when I just could not leave the house anymore. While I was relieved to have finally found out what was going on with me, my world was imploding. I did not understand what to eat and how to choose the right foods.



It took me at least another six months to understand how to read labels and differentiate between products I can and cannot eat, how to deal with situations in restaurants and dinner invitations. I felt there were very little resources and I didn’t want this new situation to compromise me in eating delicious food and living a health lifestyle. Therefore I turned a rather negative situation into a positive one and created new recipes that are different to all the other kind of recipes. All my recipes are suitable for people with intolerances and at the same time inspire and encourage others to life healthy and especially eat diversified.

Eating the same, even when its healthy food, can also cause intolerances. Therefore, I try to support those affected by intolerances and at the same time help everybody to create a new awareness for your body by encouraging you to try new foods and recipes instead of falling into monotonous eating habits. An open minded way of life allows you to try things you might not have included into your daily life before. This could be habits like having a snack with you at any time or try new recipes. My recipes are easy and quick to prepare, without complicated instructions or using very expensive kitchen appliances.

I never cooked in my life before my diagnosis and just bought all my meals ready made. My new way of life created a completely different awareness for my health and I only  see today how unvaried my nutrition really was. Cooking my own meals has changed my relationship with my body. Instead of counting calories, I learned to really listen to my body and eat what is good for me. I understand today how much my body needs and no calories would be able to tell me that. This is the most important feeling to develop when trying to live an enduring healthy lifestyle.

Today I really discovered the advantages of knowing exactly what is in my dish and that is only possible when cooking it yourself. I love to invite my friends and family to show my new creation and share a healthy lifestyle with them. Of course, a healthy life is also about balance and I still eat out, but I don’t depend on it anymore. Also, because I eat so low histamine at home, a few slips here and there are much easier to cope with.

I took control of my intolerances and it’s my goal to enjoy life and feel amazing! I want to encourage everybody to try new and healthy recipes and learn an unique way of preparing your food. All the recipes on Nathalie’s Cuisine are histamine – and lactose free, most of them even gluten free and vegan. My Website is also an opportunity to help those, who need to recover from an intense night of high histamine foods (such as seafood, pizza and red wine), regardless whether you have an intolerance or not.

I feel so much happier and healthier than I did before my intolerances!